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  • About us

    Digital Marketing (digi-mark) is a center of excellence for providing professional services that contribute to the widespread and mature Digital Marketing in Egypt and the Middle East. digi-mark aims to provide technology programs in different application areas that integrate business knowledge with Digital Marketing .

    digi-mark was launched in 2016 as a successful spin off from Digital Marketing Department in ITI.

  • Our Vission

    Opportunity to look to the future, to mature Digital Marketing in Egypt and the Middle East, providing professional services and wishes to become Being global reference for development the cadres and young professional leaders in Digital Marketing sector.

  • Our Mession

    We work to develop pioneering human cadres’ capabilities in Digital Marketing to respond to the needs of both economic and community development.

  • Our Solutions

    We bring our Experience with performance to everything we do.

    Advertising Campaigns, Content Marketing, Digital Media Planning, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),.....etc