Some Advice in Search Engine Optimisation

Some Advice in Search Engine Optimisation
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Target long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are 3 or more keyword phrases that drive quality traffic to your site. They are not as competitive as ‘head’ keywords that have high traffic volumes individually but have many competitors too. Another benefit of long tail keywords is that collectively, they represent about 80% of search volume on Google – so there is huge potential here.

Targeting long tail keywords is not always easy but it’s possible to achieve if you research your keywords and their variations and then create quality content for these keywords. So, aim to have full-length content on each page that targets as many keywords as possible without keyword stuffing. If you aim for at least 300-500 words per page that will usually suffice to target your main keywords and a host of long tail keywords that your landing pages will rank for in the
search engines.

Use Google+ to boost SEO

Google+ is Google’s social networking platform and has many benefits for your SEO
marketing plan including:
• More exposure on search results
• Connecting with customers and followers
• Collecting reviews for your services
• Boosts local search rankings
Creating your Google+ is easy and if you already have a Google account through other services like Gmail, Google Adwords, YouTube, Analytics and others, you can use the same login details to create your Google+ account.

Link building

Links are one of the biggest factors to your rankings on Google. Your SEO marketing plan should include details of how you will acquire backlinks, how many you need compared to your competitors and how quickly you need them. There are many ways to acquire quality links including guest posting, directories and featured listing particularly, internal linking, links from industry sources, article submissions, social media links and many others.

Research your competitors

Find out how your direct competitors are ranking for keywords that are important to your business.

you can compare your rankings with theirs side-by-side and you can use tools like Alexa to check how many backlinks they have and from which sites. Then, find out how you can get links from those same sites and similar ones in your category.

Choose your Keywords Carefully

Your SEO campaign should start with keyword research. Your keywords are what searchers use to find your website on Google and to pick the right one is critical.
There are many free keyword tools to use like the Google Keyword tool to find your keywords. The ideal combination of keywords you pick will have high traffic volumes and low competition. You will want low competition keywords because they are easier to rank and they are sometimes more profitable, especially if they are long tail keywords.

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